Think of the wealthiest surnames in the Philippines – Sy, Gokongwei, Tan, Cojuanco . It’s quite obvious that the Chinese people possess an undeniable advantage in the business realm. Consequently, learning their language will certainly give you the upper hand when it comes to your respective profession. Now let’s look at why.

1. The Dominant Business Language

Aside from English of course.

Whether it be the schinese-wp-imagehopping place or the humble palengke, one has undoubtedly have witnessed the intrinsic supremacy that the Chinese retailers have over their competitors. The inherent values and principles of the Chinese people, marked by their perseverance and willingness to cooperate especially with their kin, has allowed them to excel in trade and business.

Over the past decades, the persevering Chinese people have established a solid foundation in the business industry in the Philippines. Again, for your convenience, think of the largest companies in the Philippines. Whether you wish to work or to partner up with top businesses in the country learning Chinese would clearly give you a lift.

2. The Dominant Country

With the growing influence of China and the diminishing authority of America in the Philippines, it is safe to assume that the geopolitical landscape would be in favor of the former country.

The Philippines and China are on the same page on a variety of things and the ties between the countries look stronger than ever. One would only need to look back to last November when a delegation of Chinese importers visited the Philippines to look for possible partnership prospects which all the more strengthens our confidence in the relation of the two Asian countries.

Having close ties with China would have two main benefits. First, OFW’s would gain an easier access to the country. That is to say, China would most likely open its doors to Filipino workers once the partnership it has with the Philippines is solidly established. During that time, OFW’s with ample knowledge of the Chinese language would gain the most benefit. Second, business from China would most likely venture into the Philippines and once again, this would serve the best interest of Chinese-speaking Filipinos.

3. Chinese: The Language of the Future


China’s economy is ever expanding. And with this, its influence continues to surge throughout the world. Chinese markets continue to dominate most of the international business world. Think Alibaba, eBay, Xiaomi, Huawei and all the huge companies in China’s economic arsenal. These companies are sure to expand in other countries especially in  Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines where labor and operating costs are getting more and more competitive.

Next time someone asks you why you’re learning Chinese, simply recall these three arguments above and conclude that Chinese, unlike the housing market of ’08 or the ‘.com’ bubble, is the next big thing that will surely last for decades.