Hi there! I’m Aldrin, a group member in the stair wheels group. The stair wheels group was formerly known as the science interest group, but because the title of our group is too broad, we changed to the name of our product.

Obviously, the stair wheels group is composed of members who have unquestionable interest in the field of science. As for me, my interest narrows down to physics, or the study of the physical word. I think that is my passion, my field of interest. For my group mates however, I’m not really sure. Some have passion in chemistry while some just simply wants to blow some things up. But in whatever way, all of those are closely related to science.

We were grouped during the first period or the first semester. During that period, we were asked to brainstorm for the need that we want to address. It wasn’t an easy job though. We all had different ideas — from creating a solar powered bulb, to creating a pen that never runs out of ink. We started from the bulb, but the group scratched it for some reasons. Then, we thought of the pen but we concluded that it wasn’t doable. Then we thought about the students who we’re having a difficult and backbreaking job in lifting up their heavy trolleys upstairs. This led us to the idea of creating a solution — the stair wheels.

Originally, the stair wheels was a big-wheeled trolley bag that students could use to spare their bones from the exhausting effort to lift their bags. This idea was further studied and improved which led to the three wheeled wheel but still having the same objective.

I know it’s a bit confusing but yes, we had a lot of ideas before we came up with the three wheeled trolley. And this 3rd period, we thought of another one, which is to use a ramp instead. Which idea will we present? Well, we are still discussing that matter until now.

Unlike any other school trolleys, the main goal of our product is to help students lessen their efforts in carrying their bags upstairs. This is what makes us different. We are aiming to make our final product a cut above the rest.

To further guide our group, the teachers decided that we should have a mentorship session every Tuesday and Thursday. During those times, we stay another hour in school.

Each group has its own mentor. Our mentor is our math and science teachers since we are the design and innovation group. These mentorship program greatly helped us in our group. This has given us more time to meet, more time to plan, and more time to think about our projects. I personally learned a lot of things during this time, not only about our projects but something more deeper. I must admit that it definitely isn’t an easy job to organize and to make the group coordinate. I learned how to adjust, and to understand them better. By doing this, they were a lot easier to manage for me.

During those times we did a lot of things for our project. One thing that we did was a small scaled prototype. The result wasn’t so good. In my opinion this was mainly because of misunderstandings between us. This led to the dramatic drop of our morale. Some small arguments were fought and some members had already lost the confidence in our project. This was one of the group’s hardest times. But fortunately our break lifted our spirits back. I never thought that some rest was all we needed to get the energy and excitement back. After the break, we worked on finalizing the measurements and making a digital 3d model of our product. This went easy for us. Although some measurements went wrong at first, which led to a big problem and confusion in the group, we were still able to make it through. We are currently working on the details of our product. These details are very important to our project.

Making this project wasn’t easy. We used a lot of skills in math. Measuring, scaling, and making proportional models involved a lot of math and science. I also used my English skills in creating letters. I also used my artistic skills in making the prototype and making our product logo.

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